Kean Williams Consultancy

Professional Management Consultants for the Financial Services, Technology Industry & Sports / Health Clubs

We offer remote management consulting services to clients all across the UK, as well as in-person services.


who are we?

We are a group of like minded management consultants with a number of years of experience in our chosen field.

Our ethos is that people buy from people and as a result, developing existing relationships and building new relationships is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our relationships are built on trust and we earn trust through providing value, insight and experience as we deliver results, solutions and products to you, our customer. 90% of what we do is for customers that have worked with us before or have been referred by a colleague or friend.

So why change that ethos, we want to please people and provide a level of customer service that keeps you coming back!

people buy from people

what do we do?

Kean Williams Consultancy

Management Consultancy & Business Process Re-engineering

Strategic Management Planning

35 years of experience providing management support to Financial Services in the United Kingdom, Europe & the Far East

Kean Williams Sports Consultancy


Padel Tennis Racket & Ball

15 years of experience providing management services to sports clubs in the United Kingdom

why choose us?

We pride ourselves on an honest approach

We are honest

We have many years of experience in our field

We have experience

We have energy & enthusiasm

We have energy & enthusiasm

We are results driven

We are results

What our customers think…